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10 years on and I still ache for Lucinda

Just about 10 years ago I saw Lucunda Williams at the Somerville theatre in Massachusetts. I had just found out who she was after the release of “Carwheels…” when she was every critics darlin’. She was mine, too.

 She sang with sexy southern drawl and she told vivid stories of an exotic and ragged life. How come I didn’t know more about her…she covered the Wolf’s “gasonline”!!!

 The show I saw was rich with slows and fasts that made the 2+ hours flash by. She had a shithot band, too; “Joy” was front burner material.

 So Lucinda, tonight we meet again…this time it is in Sydney. We are at different places in our lives today, but I’m still as deep in your groove as I was those 10 years ago.

 See you at the show…

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  1. Judd Marcello #

    Lu was on. Her voice: rich & yearning. The band: skin tight. The bow-down tune: A Faces cover: “Every Picture Tells a Story”


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