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The coolest, most shit-hot gift I have ever received…


I got a farewell gift from a very good friend today.  This was possibly the coolest, most thoughtful, spot-on gift I have ever received.  Only a true friend would have been able to pull off a gift this shit-hot cool.  

I’m a music fan.  I love record shops.  Every time I pull in to a new city, wether it is on holiday or to live, I look for the record shops.  I don’t look for the the big box retailers…I look for the cool-vibe, F-U chain stores, record shops (here is how I found Mojo).  My friend knows this and decided to give me a head start on my London record shop hunt.

He took the time to order gift certificates from London’s Rough Trade Records and have them mailed to Sydney so he could give them to me today.  That is a bow-down gesture of legendary stature.

Thanks, mate. I’ll let you know what I get and if I came close to finding the Mojo Feel.
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  1. Stacy aka jukebox65 #

    That IS the best gift a record collector could get! Congrats and much happiness in your new home! Post lots of pix for us in the States.

  2. Judd Marcello #

    Plenty of pics of my record shop introductions around London, for sure…!


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