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Autumn Audio: flannel shirts, leaves changing and songs for dirt roads

(scenes of New Hampshire in the Fall)

If you’re a little bit of country and have never visited a website called “When You Awake”, you ain’t worth your salt.

Jody, who runs the site, says that When You Awake is an “ode to country life, celebrating everything from classic country and rock to the the current indie folk and roots scenes. The daily blog features music news, mixtapes, ticket giveaways, style finds and much more”.  She does a great job curating all kinds of great tunes that go twang into mixtapes for you to download.  I know I’ve burned my share of bandwidth on her site.

There is a lot there to read and hear, so make sure you have time on hand when you have a gander.

In a recent post, she put together a list of “Seven Songs Shaping our Fall“.  The brief for this exercise: include songs that you are really enjoying now, that are shaping your life…genre be damned. Follow the link I provided for you to see what she came up with.  

In a subsequent post Jody posted Fall song lists from “friends and trusted bloggers”. She also suggests that we readers add out own lists in the comments.  It is always great to see people respond to requests/posts like this. I enjoy seeing what everyone has their ears to and what new songs/artists I can get turned on to. 

Of course this is a two-way street; I couldn’t help but add my own list. A few others added their seven songs, too. Check the list updates here.  You’ll find mine in the comment section.  I’m also adding it here, with my comments from the post, as well as with a Tune Tag playlist attached.

p.s. my “little bit of country” comment in the first line of this post was a tongue-in-cheek nod to two towering Champions of Contrived Cultural Cheesey-ness.  I can’t believe I am even linking to this (there goes my street cred). Warning: this may make you puke in your mouth.

My Comments from When You Awake:

Great idea for a list. I am from New Hampshire but I have been off living in Sydney Australia and now in London. I miss the fall. Just looking at that picture takes me back to the N.H. fall with short, bitter days and long, warm nights of carousing by a jukebox with friends.

Here are my seven (this list wears a flannel shirt and should only be listened to on a roadtrip, preferably on a dirt road):

1. The Mountain – Levon Helm (Dirt Farmer)
Pullin’ Up the Tracks – Dave Gleason (Midnight California)
Wagon Wheel – Old Crow Medicine Show (O.C.M.S.)
Can’t You See – The Marshall Tucker Band (Marshall Tucker Band)
Long May You Run – Neil (Decade)
Hickory Wind – GP (Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels)
Car Wheels on a Gravel Road – Lucinda (Car Wheels on a Gravel Road)

(Cameron Crowe would be upset at me for not having an Elton John song on a roadtrip mix tape: Country Comfort – Elton John (Tumbleweed Connection)


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