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Turn out the lights, the party’s over…


“Funny how things that start spontaneously end spontaneoulsly. Eat a peach – Neil”

That was the infamous note that Neil Young left for Stephen Stills when he bailed out after a July 1976 gig on their illfated tour together. You know ol’ Neil … he certainly has his own row to hoe.

I share that quote with you, becuase I too am ending things spontaneously. That’s right, I am retiring The 6149. It is time to move on. I ran this blog for just about three years; I loved every minute of it.

Sometimes you just need to put things in the rearview mirror. Sometimes you just need to pack it in. Sometimes you just need to strike another match and go start anew.

That is exactly what I aim to do.

I can remember a few other times I have done this in my life – decided that the time had come. I have recognised that sometimes, when you hang on to something too long, the fun stops. What was once a turn-on turns into a drag. Don’t get me wrong I only have good feelings for The 6149. So much so, that it will live on in spirit in the next party I throw.

For the past few months I could feel that I needed to make a change. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, so I just did nothing. Until now…

I am putting together the next … or should I say, the now. I will still be spending time at The 6149, albeit metaphorically. I’ll still be out there at the intersection; at the inflection point; at the crossroads; striking sparks out where the now happens.

Thanks to everyone who came here once or came here often to have a look, a listen and laugh. It meant a lot and I enjoyed your company. The 6149 will stay up and live on as an archive, a trove of trash and treasure; a local haunt where people come to back slap and and tip ’em back; a journey through the past.

As soon as me and the muse get the beers chilled and the turntable set up, I’ll let you know where and when the next party starts.

“I still see the vista. I hear the muse. I continue.” – Neil Young

Eat a peach. Judd

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  1. Luke Harris #

    It was always a good time hanging out around here and its how we met, so I am grateful.Had a lot of good laughs, and will continue to laugh when I hear the trashy tunes playing at the gym, or remember your music collection laid out all over the floor of your flat or when I drop a Judd-ism or one of the many others. I look forward to the next chapter…

  2. Pete #

    I’m in the same boat, Judd – just really burned out on my site. I feel like enjoying the music without having to plot out a blog post about it. I have other outlets like Twitter, Facebook and the like (!) where I can connect with the like-minded, share, and discover music. I’ve pondered many times posting something similar to what you did today, but have held out so far. My theory is, it’s there when I need it. For now, I’m happy to let the self-imposed pressure off (Lord knows there are plenty of other things to take its place) and simply ENJOY MUSIC.In the meantime, I know where to find you, and you know where to find me! All the best Juddster,..

  3. Judd Marcello #

    .@ozzybeef Luke, thanks mate. You were in The 6149 Gold Club. You read every post, I think? Once I strike the next spark, you’ll be tops on the “in-the-know” list – oh yeah, heaps more trashy gym tunes stories, too. Judd

  4. Judd Marcello #

    .@ickmusic Pete, you get Gold Club standard as well. Thanks for the support. You turned me on to some great music as well … Dawes & Deer Tick to name a couple. Yeah, the burnout is a drag. “It’s there when I need it” is a good plan, too. Next time around I am going with something more nimble and fluid – both in frequency, style and platform. That self-imposed pressure is a killer – it is because we care so much about the music is why it exists (I sound like one of the band-aids from ‘Almost Famous’).See you on the flip-side, brother.

  5. Matt #

    As a longtime Judd fan, I’ll of course be looking forward to the next chapter!

  6. Judd Marcello #

    Matt … whichever Matt you are … thanks. The next chapter is coming soon. Judd

  7. envisionradio #

    Figured you could probably see my email address. I’m the vinyl addicted one.

  8. Judd Marcello #

    Ahh, I could see no email address. I know who the vinyl one is. Gracias. 

  9. Gilly #

    I feel the same way about disco as I do about herpes. Hunter S. Thompson

  10. falf #

    yups, it was fun to be on that kind of disco. Basically I’d like your blog seems the content on it was pretty cool…keep on posting…Good job on it….rock on Blind Sale


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