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Mojo Banter: That Feel

I know, I know…I keep talking at The6149 about Mojo Music, “my” record shop here in Sydney.  I can’t help it.  I love that place and the guys who run it. It is my Friday night regular haunt.  I can talk up a storm about it, but it is much better to be there to get That Feel.  Ah, That Feel.

Like with anything that hits bone, you feel it.  Mojo hits bone for me.  That Feel I get from it is a thick-realness.  There is no false pretenses at Mojo.  Just real people, real music (the “The Trinity of Musical Truths“) and a real good time. That Feel is alive and well at Mojo Music. 

I thought I’d share some of That Feel with you.  Here are some audio clips of some Mojo Banter for you. Real people, real music, real good times…

Mojo Banter #1 (_Judd’s Last Stand_).m4a
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Mojo Banter #4 (_He Knows How the Songs Should Go_).m4a
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Two music heroes of mine are Tom Waits & Keef Richards.  Keef joined up with Tom to write a song for Tom’s “Bone Machine” album. If anyone knows That Feell its Keef and Tom (in their own very distinct ways, mind you).  The tune really jells when Keef starts croaking out his anti-harmony vocals that somehow blend perfectly (everytime).  This is a slow cooker, but it’s hot shit. Here is the tune and the lyrics:

That Feel – Tom Waits & Keef Richards

Well there’s one thing you can’t lose
It’s that feel
Your pants, your shirt, your shoes
But not that feel
You can throw it out in the rain
You can whip it like a dog
You can chop it down like an old dead tree
You can always see it
When you’re coming into town
Once you hang it on the wall
You can never take it down

But there’s one thing you can’t lose
ANd it’s that feel
You can pawn your watch and chain
But not that feel
It always comes and finds you
It will always hear yo ucry
I cross my wooden leg
And I swear on my glass eye
Itt will never leave you high and dry
Never leave you loose
It’s harder to get rid of than tattoos

But there’s one thing you can’t do
Is lose that feel
You can throw it off a bridge
You can lose it in the fire
Yo ucan leave it at the altar
But it will make you out a liar
You can fall down in the street
You can leaveit in the lurch
Well you say that it’s gospel
But I know that it’s only church

And there’s one thing you can’t lose
And it’s that feel
It’s that feel


Mojo is has an in-store event on the 31st July.  If you are in Sydney, come check it out (see you there):

Friday 31 July is Party Night at Mojo Music. And to kick off proceedings we will have an instore performance by up and coming local band La Mancha Negra. The band will be crankin’ from 7pm.

For the uninitiated, La Mancha Negra combines diverse elements such as jungle beats

lt;/span>fuzz bass, surf guitar and blues harp to concoct a unique and exciting sound. 

Admission is FREE – so we’ll see you then for what will be a rockin’ good night!

Poorman’s Podcast: “We gots dat ol’ Pioneering Spirit once again…” (plus, a hidden playlist)

We are a month or so away from moving to London and I have never felt more confident about a decision…ever. My wife and I know that our ride is here and it is time to pull up stakes and get on the road.  We're two-timers now; we've done this before. 

Four and a half years ago we we're living in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and had just bought our first house.  Seven months into it, we got itchy and decided, "we're not ready to settle into the rest of our lives". So, we moved to Sydney, Australia…site unseen…to see what we could find out about ourselves and the world.  And learn we did

We have loved our time in Sydney, Australia. We moved here not knowing anyone or having never stepped foot on Aussie soil.  We knew there was risk, but the reward is what we focused on. And now, now we let history repeat itself. We've got that old pioneering spirit once again and we're ready to look for the next claim to stake.  

That "Pioneering Spirit".  What's that…?  Have a listen to the audio and hear the gears turning around in my brain as I drive home from a long day of working for the man.

(You might want to go back and click on the links to find the hidden playlist.  "This blog post should be Played Loud")


Poorman’s Podcast – That Pioneering Spirit.m4a
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“Strike another match, go start anew…” (Goodbye Sydney, hello London)

Here we go again. Four and a half years ago we landed in Sydney ready for a new experience. Now, we move on to London ready for more.
Keep on, keepin’ on…

London Calling (thanks for everything, Sydney).m4a
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Words of Wisdom: The Gonzo Way (Audio Download)

The Gonzo Way (Audio).m4a
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I’m a massive fan of the Hunter S. Thompson, the man, and of his work.  I miss not having him around and hearing his take on things. I was recently having a twitter conversation with @raoulduke and he was saying how much he didn’t miss The Good Doctor.  Apparently he always felt that HST was glomming off of him. I told him I didn’t want to get in the middle of it all.  

Like Van Morrison says: “Professional jealousy, makes other people crazy. When they think that you’ve got something they don’t have”.

One thing that HST had (that maybe Raoul didn’t) was Wisdom.  In a previous post I talked about the book Hunter’s wife, Anita, put out, “The Gonzo Way” (have a read of the post at the end of the “previous post” link provided for more detail on what I am about to discuss). The video I made has almost 7,000 hits on YouTube.  I still reference the book on a daily, if not, weekly basis. I agree with the premise/philosophy/”Way” of Hunter Thompson…the Man.

In an effort to keep it top of mind, I recorded an audio version of the summary of the book I created for the video. I play it in the car on the way to work. I’m attaching it here if anyone wants to download it or just have a listen from time to time.  It is only five minutes long, but it will stick with you all day. 

I already sent it to Raoul and even he agreed it is a king hell message that only fools would ignore. 

Speaking of books by Hunter’s widow…there is a new one out: “Ancient Gonzo Wisdom: Interviews with Hunter S. Thompson”.  Here is the link to Amazon (I just order my copy) and a link to NPR where you can find an excerpt from the book.
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