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Ancient Gonzo Wisdom (not the same thing as an “Ancient Chinese Secret”)



One of my favourite bits of Gonzo Wisdom is: “Everybody fumbles…its the recovery that matters”.  I think about it every time I screw something up.  I take a step back and think about what I did and how I learned from my mistake and then I go bat-out-of-hell like into the pile to find the ball. 

You are familiar with the book on Hunter S. Thompson’s wisdom, aren’t you?  You would be if you read my previous post on it.  If you habven’t done that, go ahead and take 5 minutes to do so…

…OK.  You done?  Good.  You need to understand that to then grasp what comes next.  Another book out out by Anita Thompson (HST’s widow) has hit the shelves.  “Ancient Gonzo Wisdom” just arrived on my Sydney doorstep today (I actually heard the thud of it hitting the porch). I had been waiting for this sucker for sometime now.  It is not the same as a new work from The Man himself, but alas we have no choice but consider this the next best thing

Here is a product description on the book:

Bristling with inspired observations and wild anecdotes, this first collection offers a unique insight into the voice and mind of the inimitable Hunter S. Thompson, as recorded in the pages ofPlayboyThe Paris ReviewEsquire, and elsewhere.

Fearless and unsparing, the interviews detail some of the most storied episodes of Thompson’s life: a savage beating at the hands of the Hells Angels, talking football with Nixon on the 1972 Campaign Trail (“the only time in 20 years of listening to the treacherous bastard that I knew he wasn’t lying”), and his unlikely run for sheriff of Aspen. Elsewhere, passionate tirades about journalism, culture, guns, drugs, and the law showcase Thompson’s voice at its fiercest.


Arranged chronologically, and prefaced with Anita Thompson’s moving account of her husband’s last years, the interviews present Hunter in all his fractured brilliance and provide an exceptional portrait of his times.

There are a number of people who have come out with books since his death.  What I like about this one and the Gonzo Way is that they are him…his own words.  What else I like is that it is arranged by someone (Anita) who cares about him, the man…not just Raoul Duke or Lono. 

NPR also ran an excerpt form an interview with the Good Doctor about his “Hell’s Angels” experience. Have at it.  Here is the link:



I am assuming that by now you have cracked a beer or poured yourself a tall cool Cuba Libre (with plenty of ice).  I have (both).  Let’s take a look a hidden gem of a video of Keith Richards being interviewed by HST.  

Yes you read that right.  Keef Richards interviewed by Hunter S. Thompson.  Two of the Lords of Karma’s own henchmen on the job. 

I remember watching this when I was in colle

ge (one of the few things i fully remember from that time and pla

ce).  Two of my heroes, two juggernauts of individualism and True Grit both trading barbs.  The interview is a bow-down event…but, my imagination explodes with possibilities about what the hell went on between this pairing in Hunter’s Kitchen post interview.  I feel light-headed just dreaming about it. 

p.s. you got the “Ancient Chinese Secret” joke, right?

Words of Wisdom: The Gonzo Way (Audio Download)

The Gonzo Way (Audio).m4a
Listen on Posterous

I’m a massive fan of the Hunter S. Thompson, the man, and of his work.  I miss not having him around and hearing his take on things. I was recently having a twitter conversation with @raoulduke and he was saying how much he didn’t miss The Good Doctor.  Apparently he always felt that HST was glomming off of him. I told him I didn’t want to get in the middle of it all.  

Like Van Morrison says: “Professional jealousy, makes other people crazy. When they think that you’ve got something they don’t have”.

One thing that HST had (that maybe Raoul didn’t) was Wisdom.  In a previous post I talked about the book Hunter’s wife, Anita, put out, “The Gonzo Way” (have a read of the post at the end of the “previous post” link provided for more detail on what I am about to discuss). The video I made has almost 7,000 hits on YouTube.  I still reference the book on a daily, if not, weekly basis. I agree with the premise/philosophy/”Way” of Hunter Thompson…the Man.

In an effort to keep it top of mind, I recorded an audio version of the summary of the book I created for the video. I play it in the car on the way to work. I’m attaching it here if anyone wants to download it or just have a listen from time to time.  It is only five minutes long, but it will stick with you all day. 

I already sent it to Raoul and even he agreed it is a king hell message that only fools would ignore. 

Speaking of books by Hunter’s widow…there is a new one out: “Ancient Gonzo Wisdom: Interviews with Hunter S. Thompson”.  Here is the link to Amazon (I just order my copy) and a link to NPR where you can find an excerpt from the book.

Life’s Porpoise…

I like to take long drives to clear my head. Don’t you?

The Gonzo Way: Tribute to Hunter S. Thompson (video)

“Never try and be like anyone else”. – HST

Good advice, Hunter. Hunter knew how to walk the talk, too.  In a long history full of pioneers and trailblazer, Hunter was one of America’s best.  He was uncompromising in methods and unquestionably patriotic.  HST is a heavy influence in my life and not for all the reason that you may think.  There is another angle to Hunter that the masses do not know about nor have bothered to investigate. His widow, Anita Thompson, put together book in the months after his death called, “The Gonzo Way“.  It is a tribute of sorts to the man that Hunter was and the wisdom that Anita and those around him soaked up.

His wisdom. as I see it, reflects a  very existential existence.  It is up to you as to who you are and who you project yourself to be. Your choice…your responsibility…(and as a result) your freedom to live the life you want to on your own terms. One of the bits of wisdom that I pulled out of the book was a quote by Hunter: “To see life clearly, to live it like a champion, not taking abuse from anyone, you have to develop your own set of rules.”  There was so much more to Hunter than Fear & Loathing and that is why I appreciate Anita’s book so much.

Around the time it came out, I got a new Apple Macbook Pro and I was giving all the bells and whistles a test run.  I was using the Apple version of powerpoint (“Keynote”) and I created a presentation the Gonzo Way as I saw the book.  I used the upload to YouTube feature and whala…I posted my vid online.  Through the power of the interweb, the wisdom spread. Within a couple of days I had over 1,000 views (almost 7k now), a few emails and even a mention from Anita on her “Owl Farm Blog” (see it here). Very cool. I even exchanged a an email with her on the video & book.  I hit the nerve center. Righteous.

The book puts forth the Seven Lessons:

  • One: Learning – That’s What it’s All About
  • Two: It’s Wrong When it Stops Being Fun
  • Three: Politics is the Art of Controlling Your Environment
  • Four: “We” is the Most Important Word in Politics

  • Five: Truth is Easier
  • Six: Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride
  • Seven: Never Apologize, Never Explain

Have a watch of the vid and learn a bit more about the lessons and to soak up some of the wisdom youself.  Also, enjoy the Bob soundtrack (Mr. Tambourine Man was a front-row song for HST).

If you want a closer look a the presentation, I attached the PDF of it.

The Gonzo Way.pdf
Download this file